Dhani Super Saver- Get Answers To All Your Queries

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Dhani Super Saver FAQs

What is the Dhani Super Saver plan?

Dhani Super Saver is a subscription based product that offers flat 5% instant cashback on all payments you make via Dhani App or Dhani Card. You can activate it for FREE for 1st 30 days and then pay a nominal subscription fee of Rs. 250 from 2nd month onwards.

How do I avail the Dhani Super Saver?

You can avail the Dhani Super Saver plan in just 2 quick steps. Simply log onto your Dhani Mobile App and click on the Dhani Super Saver banner on the Home page, and complete your KYC process.

What all payments can I do with the Dhani Super Saver plan?

You can earn flat 5% instant cashback on everything from fuel, grocery, meals at restaurants, daily essentials, flights or hotel booking to all types of shopping -online and offline, even for your daily coffee. This 5% cashback is over and above the special offers/discounts that you get from the merchant.

What are the charges for this plan?

For first-time subscribers, the first month of Dhani Super Saver is completely FREE. After 30 days of free trial you can subscribe to Dhani Super Saver @ Rs. 250/- per month only.

Why am I charged Re 1 for standing instruction set-up?

The Rs. 1 drop charges are standard charges made to verify and set up auto-renewal of your subscription. This is a common practice across payment gateways.

How do I pay my next subscription fees of Rs. 250?

Once you set up auto-renewal of your Dhani Super Saver Subscription, fee of Rs. 250 will be charged to you card/bank automatically every month. You can choose to cancel auto subscription from the Dhani App anytime.

How do I add money?

You can easily add money to your Dhani wallet from your bank using Debit Card, Credit Card or Netbanking. You can also apply for Dhani Instant Credit line and get money credited to your Dhani Super Saver Card.

Can I cancel my Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Dhani Super Saver Subscription anytime using the Dhani App. On Cancellation you can still enjoy cashbacks on your shopping until your current billing period.

What happens if I am not a full-KYC user?

If you aren’t a full-KYC user then don’t worry! You can simply complete your KYC using Aadhaar while subscribing to Dhani Super Saver.

I don’t own the physical Dhani card. What should I do?

Order your Super Saver Card from the Dhani App in just a few clicks. Your Super Saver card is priced at Rs. 99/- per month only and you will get it delivered at your doorstep.

What payment mode and methods can I use?

You can set up auto-renewal of your Dhani Super Saver Subscription by setting up a mandate via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or UPI using the Dhani App.

Can I Update my Payment Method for my standing instructions?

Yes, you can update it from the Dhani app. Click on Dhani Super Saver Banner & click on ‘Update Card Details’ and follow a simple process to update your payment method.

Is there a Cashback limit?

Yes, maximum of Rs. 1,250 can be availed as cashbacks in a month.

What is my Billing Cycle?

There is a 30 day billing cycle starting from the day you subscribe to Dhani Super Saver! If you have subscribed to Dhani Super Saver plan on 4th of August then your next billing dates would be 4th September, 4th October and so on. Enjoy the 1st 30 days of Dhani Super Saver Free for 1st 30 days.