How to Plan an Instant Long Weekend Getaway in 2020

Instant Long Weekend Getaway in 2020

Have you looked at the calendar and marked off the long weekends in 2020? Have you been dreaming about that ever-elusive trip since eternity? Your search effectively here ends here. This article provides a comprehensive list of long weekends in 2020 with a destination suggestion for each weekend getaway.

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1. March 7TH – 10th (4 days)

If you can manage to take an off on 9th April (Monday), you can have a four-day long weekend, as 10th March (Tuesday) is a holiday in several states, thanks to the Holi festival. You can consider attending the Elephant festival in Jaipur, or celebrate Holi at one of the best places i.e., Banaras, Mathura and Vrindavan.

2. April 2nd – 6th (5 days)

Ram Navami will fall on 2nd April (Thursday) this year. A lot of states have a holiday on this day. If you can take a holiday on 3rs April (Friday), you’ll have a five-day-long weekend, as 6th April (Monday) is a government holiday (Mahavir Jayanti.) You can consider attending the Tulip festival in Srinagar or the Mopin festival in Arunachal Pradesh or the Mewar festival in Udaipur. You can also use this opportunity to explore the beautiful, God’s own country – ‘Kerela’. During this time, the north of Kerela witnesses a series of Theyyam performances. Apart from the lovely beaches and backwaters, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

3. April 10th – 13th (4 days)

With Good Friday falling on 10th April this year (Thursday), followed by Saturday, Sunday, and another holiday on 13th April (Monday) – Baisakhi, you can start packing your bags. You can consider attending Attuvela Mahotsavam in Kerela or the Bihu festival in Assam or the Baisakhi Mela in Punjab.

4. May 7th – 10th (4 days)

Several parts of the country celebrate Buddha Purnima holiday in India. This year it will fall on 7th May (Thursday.) You can enjoy your four-day long weekend by availing leave on 8th May (Friday.) You can take a trip to Ooty to witness the Ooty Summer festival or witness the Internation Flower festival in Sikkim.

5. October – November 29th – 1st (4 days)

This year Id-E-Milad will fall on 29th November, which is a holiday in several parts of India. If you can manage an off on 30th October (Friday), you’ll be able to enjoy a four-day long weekend in October. You can attend the Rann Utsav in Gujarat or the Mysuru Dasara in Mysore.

This 2020, you can tick off those long-pending destinations that you have been yearning to go, by giving in to these weekend getaways. Sure, planning a vacation is not easy. Also, with limited holidays, you cannot afford to waste a day. We, also understand that judicious planning for an instant weekend getaway could be quite heavy on your pockets. This is how an instant personal loan or travel loan can become your saviour. By availing a personal loan from Indiabulls Dhani, you can avail that much-needed break even while you don’t have the finances to fund your trip at the moment.

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